Fly accompanied by a Milna team member

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If a participant to an individual project does not wish to fly alone to his destination, a Milna team member can accompany the participant on one or each way.

To book an accompanied flight by a Milna team member:
  • Select the date of departure
  • The age of the participant(s)
  • The number of participants the Milna team member needs to accompany
  • The departure airport
  • If it is one way or both ways
Terms and conditions:
  • It has to be booked at least 30 days before the departure.
  • If several participants need to be accompanied, the flight details need to be the same for all the participants.
  • The Milna team member is responsible of the participant(s) during the entire journey till his family picks him up.
  • The cost of the Milna team member can be shared by up to 12 participants having the same flight details.